Family Dentistry

At Galgorm Dental we are proud to offer affordable, high quality dental care for the entire family.

We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, and by placing a strong emphasis on preventative care, help patients achieve their oral health goals.

This begins with our unique 14-POINT DENTAL HEALTH CHECK.

This allows us to find out how YOU feel about your mouth and check 14 aspects of your dental health, including:

Health of your teeth

Health and stability of restorations

Health of your gums

Presence of plaque

Oral Cancer check

Health of hidden areas and the bone

Using the latest technology in radiographs and digital photography we can show you how healthy you are in each of the 14 areas, and provide you with a report detailing the same.

We spend TIME helping you understand your oral health, and explaining what you need to get healthy and stay healthy. This is our goal!


CHILDRENS DENTAL CARE                                                                                                                                   Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 13.07.54

It is our mission to protect young teeth and prevent tooth decay through a programme of preventative dentistry.

We work closely with each child to help them improve their oral hygiene habits, motivating them to take care of their teeth and to understand the long-term benefits. We also encourage parents to get involved; by supervising their child’s brushing habits and offering support.

As a parent you will be happy to learn we offer a comprehensive range of modern pain-free dental techniques to treat your child’s teeth. We work with each child, regardless of age to ensure that every treatment is as gentle, effective and stress free as possible.

 We pride ourselves on the trust we build with each child, ensuring that everyone has a stress free experience!

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