I had my first visit to the dentist before the NHS was formed – so in my time I have been treated by a lot of dentists.

I happened upon Alan Crockett purely by chance when I relocated to Antrim and he was working in Ballymena.

I can honestly say he is the best dentist I have ever had. He carried out procedures and made referrals to specialist orthodontics that no other dentist ever did.

He is a true professional and at the top of his field in his manner, knowledge, skill and expertise.

He treats dentistry not just as a science but also as an art – and that’s what really sets him apart!

George Bingham



10 years ago I went a clinic in Belfast to get implants and bridges placed, as I hated wearing a denture. Having no denture was great, however recently I noticed bits of metal showing and was not happy with the appearance of my bridges. I went to Dougie for his advice and after a lot of discussion he recommended a team approach, bringing on board Chris for his implant expertise. The two of them made me feel at ease, I really felt I was being listened to and was part of the decision making. We reached a plan that involved removing the old bridges, reshaping the gum, changing the length & shape of my teeth and crowning my worn lower teeth. The thought of all the work was a bit frightening I must admit! However I need not have worried, I had no pain, felt very relaxed and always knew I was in safe hands! I am delighted with the result as are my family. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Dougie & Chris 10 years ago!



I was having trouble with eating comfortably on my failing lower teeth for years and was told there was nothing else could be done. I made an appointment with Chris who explained to me about implants which I decided to have which has given me the confidence to chew and smile knowing my teeth won’t move.

Regarding my treatment with Chris, I can recommend as being exceptional from start to finish with no pain at any time and completed on schedule.

Hugh McAlary

A. Workman


Alan recommended me to have braces to correct both my bottom and top teeth. For years I had put off the treatment but with Alan’s expert knowledge and his caring approach put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead with the treatment plan.

I couldn’t be happier now with the outcome with healthier teeth and gums and with a better smile.

Thanks again!

Alan Workman



I have always had a fear of the dentist and I was nervous at the thought of any dental treatment never mind implants but right from the start Alan and Chris made me feel at ease. They explained the different options open to me and helped me make a fully informed choice. I chose to have 2 implants with a bridge and 2 veneers. The procedures were explained step by step and I was consulted in all decisions. The treatment itself was skillfully done and completely pain free. I had no problems during or after my treatment and I feel much more confident now.  I am truly delighted with the results and I cannot recommend Alan and Chris highly enough.




For the last few years Alan has been looking after my dental needs. Because I am of a certain age and without giving too much information away, I needed all the help I could get!

Together we chatted about my best options and took it from there. For me he has filled, crowned, whitened and extracted a double tooth with great precision and no pain.  I have set him the ultimate challenge of an implant in the summer which I will be more than happy to report on at some stage again if he permits!

He is a very down to earth fellow with a very caring nature, and as a result I am no longer nervous about my dental appointments.

With my hand on my heart I could highly recommend him to anyone.

Lilian Mawhinney MBE



I was in terrible pain and very scared of seeing dentists when I first visited Alan, his sympathetic approach calmed me down and after doing a great job saving a broken tooth with root canal treatment and a new crown, my new tooth feels as good as new and now I like going to see my dentist!




I have always been very nervous about visiting the dentist. Fortunately, Alan Crockett was able to alleviate all my concerns. His gentle, caring approach combined with treatment I understood and which was tailored to my needs, made me feel far more positive about the whole experience and really put me at ease. I cannot thank Alan and the staff enough for giving me not only a great smile, but also a happier mindset – I actually now look forward to visiting my dentist.


Galgorm Dental Crest

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