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Dental Implants

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Need Foundations

When you lose teeth, your smile is no longer the same. Gaps can leave you self-conscious; uneasy about the idea of showing your teeth to the world. Not only this, but the loss of teeth will affect your ability to bite or chew. Suddenly, the available menu shrinks.

Beneath your smile, your teeth are rooted to the jaw. You could replace missing teeth with a bridge or denture, but these don’t provide deep support. Even with the most life-like prosthetic tooth, eating might be problematic. You’ll still need to avoid meals with anything too hard or chewy.

Dental implants give your teeth firm foundations. A small titanium post bound tight to your jaw will support a beautiful custom-made crown. The result is a complete replacement tooth that’s indistinguishable from its natural neighbours both in terms of looks and function.

Your Smile Deserves Dental Implants

Dental implants offer full support to natural-looking replacement teeth. We can use implants to replace a single tooth or even completely restore a smile impacted by the loss of several teeth. But there are so many benefits to this life-changing procedure.


Smile Confidently Again

Once your custom-designed crowns are in place, it’ll be as though you never lost any teeth in the first place. Many people find their confidence floods back. You’ll be more than happy to use your smile again.


Eat What You Like

Dental implants fuse tightly to your jaw. Once bedded in, the support an implant offers is only matched by the roots of your natural teeth.

Because they’re so secure, you won’t need to worry about your next meal. From lamb chops to raw carrots, crisps to toffee, you can enjoy whatever takes your fancy.


A Smile for the Ages

Your dental implants will stand the test of time. Made from titanium, this biocompatible metal won’t break down in your body. Once in place, your dental implant could last for the rest of your days.


Enjoy Better
Oral Health

Losing a tooth opens you up to several dental health problems. The newly-formed gap can easily become home to bacteria. Cleaning gaps between your teeth might prove difficult sometimes. This increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Filling gaps with an implant capped with great-looking prosthetic teeth will make it easier to stay on top of fighting bacteria. Replacing your missing teeth could help preserve your entire mouth.

Although they’re fixed to the bone below, your teeth can slide along your jaw. Gaps in your smile may give your other teeth room to spread out. This can cause spaces to appear further along your smile. It may also cause misalignments.

If we replace your tooth promptly, you won’t need to worry about developing a crooked smile. Your new tooth will block dental drift and stop your smile from straying.

Beneath the surface of your gums, the loss of your tooth could affect the health of your jaw. Without the root of your tooth to support, your jaw will eventually deteriorate, and your body will resorb the minerals that make up the bone. When this happens, your mouth loses structure and definition, and it can make you look older than you are.

Provided your implants are placed early enough, they will stimulate the jaw and help you maintain good bone health.


Precision Implant Placement

Galgorm Dental’s highly-skilled dentists will place your life-changing implants in several stages. Our modern, well-equipped clinic is set up for success, so your procedure will be straightforward and effective.


Your Dental Implant Assessment

Before placing dental implants, we must ensure you’re a good match for the procedure. We’ll take x-rays to examine your jawbone density. To support your implants, you’ll need sufficient bone mass in your jaw. We’ll also ask you some questions about your general health.


Placing Your Implants

To place your implants, we first need to prepare your jaw. We’ll use anaesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your procedure.

Because bone takes time to heal, we’ll need to wait between stages. Once your jaw is ready, we’ll place the implant itself, followed by an abutment on which your crown will connect.

Again, your jaw needs to recover. During this phase, the bone and implant will unite through a process called osseointegration. This stage will give your new tooth the strength and support it needs.

While your jaw heals, you’ll have a temporary crown. Although it’s just a placeholder while we craft your final restoration, this stand-in crown will look fantastic.


The Crowning Glory

Your permanent made-to-measure crown will use materials that perfectly match the colour and look of the rest of your teeth. Once this final element is in place, nobody will know the tooth is not your own.

Dental Implants at Galgorm Dental

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing teeth. Our team of experienced and supportive dentists are here on your life-enhancing dental implant journey.

Schedule your consultation today and learn what a difference dental implants can make to your smile.