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Full-Mouth Implants


Complete Smile Restoration

Whether you’ve lost your teeth to trauma, decay, or infection, the impact is unimaginable. But replacing your teeth with dentures has its limits. Dentures clip into place or sit on top of your gums. There’s no guarantee that they’ll stay in position.

When you smile, laugh, speak, and eat, you’ll want to do so without giving a second thought to your teeth. But if you constantly have to reposition your false teeth or compromise on your food choices, it can make life miserable.

Using a series of carefully positioned full-mouth implants, we can restore your smile and give your new natural-looking replacement teeth the full support they need.

How Full-Mouth Implants Work

Dental implants are titanium posts that bed down into your jaw to support replacement teeth. Often used to support a single crown, we can use four to six strategically placed implants to provide stability to an entire arch of teeth.

We’ll angle some of the implants so they can access more of the bone for additional support. Your new angled anchorage lets us recreate your smile using fewer implants.

Dental implants mimic the function of a tooth’s root. Compared to other dental prosthetics, nothing matches implants when it comes to providing support.

Love Your Smile

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you. But when you feel insecure about your appearance, you may become guarded with your facial expressions.

Restoring your smile using dental implants will renew your confidence. You’ll love the instant results and feel much better about sharing them with the world.


Unparalleled Stability

Losing your natural teeth can mean that eating becomes a chore. Even with traditional dentures, you might find yourself eyeing up your favourite meal on the menu, knowing you have to settle for something softer.

With full-mouth implants, no dental prosthetic can stop you from enjoying whatever tickles your tastebuds.


Supporting Superior
Oral Health

Two things gradually happen when you lose teeth. Above the gumline, any remaining teeth start to shift. Below the gums, your jaw will start deteriorating. Without teeth, the facial structure of your mouth will change— and the results can make you look older than you are.

Full-mouth implants stop the loss of volume in your jaw by stimulating the bone. Any teeth left on that arch will also be retained as your new prosthetics will stop any movement.

A Lifeline that Lasts a Lifetime

The changes from full-mouth implants don’t come with an expiry date. Because we use durable and biocompatible titanium, your implants will stand up to a lifetime of mealtimes without breaking down.


Rebuilding Your Smile

We’ll place full-mouth implants in several stages. From your initial assessment to seeing your new smile in the mirror for the first time, our team of supportive dental professionals will be on hand to ensure your journey is smooth.


Your Initial Assessment

Before we can start, we’ll take digital scans of your mouth and assess your gums and jaws. We need to ensure that you’ve got enough bone volume to support your new implants.

During this assessment, we’ll ask you some general questions about your health. This is to check that no issues will impact your recovery.


The Implant Placement

We’ll place your implants under anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing. Implant surgery might sound scary, but you’re in the safe hands of dentists that have restored countless smiles.

Once the jaw is ready, the implant is placed. An abutment is then added to the top of the implants. This is used to connect your replacement teeth to their new fixed anchors.


The Finishing Touches

After everything is in position, we’ll place temporary restorations onto the abutments. Although these good-looking new teeth aren’t permanent, they will let you smile, eat, talk, and laugh without worry until your jaw fully recovers.

During the next few months, we’ll continue to check on how your implants are settling in. When the time is right, we’ll fit your permanent restorations.


Full-Mouth Implants at Galgorm Dental

Rebuilding your smile is possible with full-mouth implants. Our team are here to help you on your new journey to great-looking, stable teeth.

Call us today to schedule your consultation and learn how implants can change your life.