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General Dentistry

Everyday Dental Care

We love restoring smiles and performing major life-changing treatments; however, we also care about covering the basics of dental health.

Maintaining a good standard of oral health is vital to everyone, and we’re here to help you with preventative support and dental essentials, including fillings, root canal treatments, professional cleaning, and more.


Routine Checkups

As we go through life, our health needs evolve. This is as true with your teeth as it is with any other part of your body. Problems like gum disease and tooth decay don’t spring up overnight; they are progressive issues that can take months to materialise.

Through regular checkups, we can keep an eye on your oral health and look at any developing issues. Our skilled and caring dentists will perform your checkup in the comfortable surroundings of our state-of-the-art clinic.

We recommend visiting us every six months. During your checkup, we’ll compare your teeth as they are now with how they were on your previous visits and identify any changes.

In addition to a full visual check of your teeth, we may use x-rays and other imaging equipment to get a full picture of your oral health.

Getting ahead of any potential dental issues reduces the chance of you developing toothache or infection and needing treatment. If we spot an issue, we can make recommendations and advice to help reduce or reverse its impact or offer early treatment options.


General Family Care

Dental care starts early. A lifetime of dental health starts when a baby’s teeth first appear. Issues during the formation of these milk teeth can impact the development of adult teeth several years later.

For this reason, we recommend bringing your child in to see us from a young age.

In addition to seeing the development of your child’s teeth, early appointments are a real opportunity to lay down some positive experiences. Seeing your child from young age reduces fears around dentistry and encourages good oral health standards that can last for life.



Dental fillings repair small amounts of decay or damage to your teeth. Often used to fill cavities where bacteria have eroded the surface of a tooth, a filling is a simple procedure that prevents further decay, infection, pain, and bad breath.

Untreated decay leads to a tooth becoming infected. Without a filling, bacteria can penetrate the damaged area and enter the tooth’s core. If this happens, you’ll develop a root canal infection and need further treatment.

We’ll perform your filling treatment as early as possible. This limits the risk of developing further problems.

Before we repair your tooth, we’ll numb the area, so you don’t feel pain. Using an amalgam or composite material, we’ll fill the hole.

Once we’ve filled the cavity, we’ll ensure the restoration is smooth and comfortable.


Root Canal Treatment

When bacteria enter a damaged tooth, infections can occur. Inside each tooth, you have an area of living cells called the dental pulp. When bacteria reach these cells, you’ll experience considerable pain and sensitivity, and the infection will spread to the tooth’s root canals.

You may have an infected root canal if:

  • You have considerable pain or sensitivity around the affected tooth
  • Pus oozes from below the tooth
  • You have pain while chewing
  • You have swelling around the area

Root canal treatment removes the infected matter and bacteria from your tooth and prevents the infection from spreading further.

The procedure is simple, and once we’ve skillfully cleared out the infection, we’ll use a material called gutta-percha to plug the gap and preserve the tooth. After your root canal treatment, we’ll carefully close any holes in your teeth with a filling and may recommend a dental crown for added protection.


General Dentistry
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Whether you need a routine checkup, an emergency appointment, or treatment, our skilled, friendly dentists are here for all your oral health needs.

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