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Implanted Dentures


Secure Your New Smile with Galgorm Dental

When you’ve lost several teeth, the most obvious replacement option is dentures. But false teeth often look unnatural and have a reputation for coming loose when you eat, talk, or laugh. But there is a better way.

Implanted dentures provide the benefits of custom-made replacement teeth with added anchored support.

Using a series of dental implants, we can secure your dentures to provide unparalleled stability. You can chew, chat, and chortle without worrying about your teeth moving a single millimetre.

The Underpinning Technology

Dental implants are titanium posts that anchor into your jaw to support replacement teeth. We use titanium for its strength and durability. The pressure exerted when you bite or chew might not seem great, but it is. And titanium implants can take all the wear associated with eating.

Over time, your jawbone will fuse to your titanium implants, enveloping them securely. This mimics the natural relationship between your teeth and jaw.


Feel Confident
Smiling and Eating

A restored smile makes you feel good about your appearance. Dentures are full and straight and appear completely natural. Any insecurities you might develop after losing your teeth are soon forgotten when you first see your new smile.

But looks are only half of it. A mouthful of gaps makes chewing anything difficult. Even replacing lost teeth with regular dentures can feel restrictive, as they still don’t offer the full stability that natural teeth do.

When you choose implanted dentures, mealtimes are no longer a drama that you want to avoid. Instead, you can enjoy whatever tickles your tastebuds.


Stop Bone Loss and Dental Drift

If you live without your natural teeth for a prolonged time, your jaws and remaining teeth change.

When a jaw no longer has a tooth to support it, the bone will deteriorate. Bone loss can cause changes in your facial structure.

The position of any natural teeth remaining could alter. Without a full row of teeth, some may slide or twist. Replacing these teeth early will prevent the drift.



Just like conventional dentures, your implanted smile is removable. On each implant, a clip allows your dentures to detach effortlessly.


Built to Last

Getting implanted dentures is a major life-changing decision. So, when we rebuild your smile, you’ll want the results to last. And they do. Titanium implants are designed to withstand a lifetime of use.


The Groundwork for Your New Smile

We’ll place your implanted dentures in several stages. Here is the journey you’ll need to take toward your new smile.


The Assessment

Before placing your implants, we’ll take digital scans and x-rays of your jaw to assess bone density. If your jaw has depleted, it won’t hold the implants. We’ll ensure you have enough volume and strength in your jaw to give your dentures rigid support.

To ensure this is the right procedure for you, we’ll also need to ask some questions about your lifestyle and general well-being.


Preparing the Jaw

Implants are placed in several sittings. First, we need to prepare your jaw to hold the implant. Under anaesthetic, we’ll create a small, precise hole in each point along your jaw where we’ll position implants.

Bone takes time to heal. Before we insert the implants into your jaw, we’ll check it’s ready.


Placing the Implants

The next step is to place your implants in position. Once in your jaw, the bone will heal around the titanium, holding the implant firmly in place.

Again, after this step, the jaw will need some recovery time. While your jaw and implants are binding, we’ll give you a set of temporary dentures to wear.


Finalising Your Smile

Scans at a later date will help us identify how your jaw is healing. Once ready, we’ll provide you with your final custom-made dentures to clip onto your implants. We know you’ll love the results so much that you’ll want to show the world your new smile.


Smile Again With Implanted Dentures

Implanted dentures at Galgorm Dental will replace your smile. Eating, smiling, laughing, and talking will remain second nature, and you’ll love how your new teeth look.

Book an appointment today to find out more about this revolutionary procedure.