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Rebuilding Confidence In Your Smile

It’s hard to imagine the impact losing several teeth would have on you until it actually happens. Whether you lose teeth through decay, disease, or trauma, the outcome is the same; embarrassment over the appearance of your smile and difficulty eating and talking.

Living with teeth missing harms your confidence and takes the enjoyment out of your favourite meals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dentures are a simple and reliable way of rebuilding your smile and restoring the function of your teeth.

Dentures have come a long way in recent years, and your replacement teeth will look just like the real thing. Not only this, but they’ll let you take pleasure again from the food you love.


Creating Your Bespoke Dentures

Every set of dentures we fit is custom-made. We’ll start the process of creating your beautiful new smile by taking precise digital scans of your mouth, so the size and shape of your new teeth are perfect.

Obviously, the look of your new smile is important. But of equal importance is the fit. Because we take such precise measurements, your dentures will feel great and give you the confidence to bite, chew, speak, and laugh.

Artfully crafted by skilled technicians, your dentures give you the confidence to enjoy life again. Once they’re ready, we’ll ensure they fit perfectly and make any necessary adjustments.


The Benefits
of Dentures

Reconstructing your smile with dentures has many benefits. Your new dentures are hard-wearing, giving you a stable bite for many years to come. Made from acrylic resin, you can chew confidently without worrying about chips, cracks, or erosion.

Dentures look great. Your new teeth will be indistinguishable from any remaining natural teeth as materials are carefully colour-matched.

Keeping your teeth clean is easy. Simply unclip your dentures for cleaning, and put them back in effortlessly.

Because dentures are precision-made based on exact digital measurements, they’re comfortable and stable. Leagues above your grandparent’s false teeth.


Partial Dentures

If you’ve lost a few teeth, partial dentures can help. We’ll replace the missing teeth with realistic-looking copies that perfectly fit your smile. Your partial dentures will include a hidden clip for subtle but effective support.


Complete Dentures

Whether you’ve lost one arch or both, complete dentures will help you regain the look and function of your teeth. Complete dentures sit comfortably in your mouth, allowing you to eat and enjoy the full menu.


Implanted Dentures

Fixing your new dentures in place with deep-rooted implants is a great way to ensure maximum stability, so even the crunchiest and chewiest foods pose no issue. Dental implants are titanium posts that bind with your jaw for complete support.

A series of strategically-placed implants will support your dentures. You may forget they’re not your natural teeth.


Dentures at
Galgorm Dental

At Galgorm Dental, we fit high-quality dentures that look and feel great. Call us today to book an appointment and start preparing for your new smile.