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Give Your Smile a Brush-Up

You might brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and even use mouthwash, but over time, tartar can still form on the corners of your teeth. The associated staining can make you conscious of your smile; however, this tartar build-up could harm your teeth.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria feeding on sugar and starch in your diet. This bacteria turns into plaque, which eventually hardens are becomes tartar. The thick yellow tartar will gradually darken while eroding the surface of the tooth below.

A regular visit to our dental hygienist refreshes your smile and prevents tooth decay. But we don’t just give your teeth a deep clean; we’re here to give you tips on diet, dental care techniques, oral health products, and quitting smoking.


Scale and Polish

One of the techniques we use to give your smile the deepest clean is a scale and polish. We start by descaling your teeth using a high-speed oscillating device that emits a fine water jet. This gently removes any built-up plaque or tartar.

Once we’ve broken down the tartar, we’ll polish your teeth to give them a healthy shine. To do this, we’ll use professional-grade toothpaste and a rotating pad to clean even the trickiest parts of your teeth thoroughly.


Say Goodbye to
Unwanted Stains

Many things could stain your teeth. Tea, coffee, red wine, curry, chilli, blackcurrants, tobacco, and cola are just some offenders that could leave their mark on your smile.

Regular hygiene appointments help you stay ahead of potential staining, keeping your smile looking bright and healthy.


Enjoy Fresher Breath

Plaque and tartar don’t just damage the appearance and the structure of your teeth, they can cause bad breath too. If halitosis is a problem you’d like to see the back of, our hygienists can help. A full professional clean doesn’t only refresh your smile; it also freshens your breath.

By treating the cause of your bad breath, our hygienists can help you regain the confidence to talk without worrying about potential odours.


Professional Cleaning at Galgorm

A regular session with our dental hygienist is just what you need to take control of your oral health while fighting the sights and smells associated with tartar.

Call today to book your professional clean at Galgorm Dental.