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Fixed and Ceramic Braces


An effective way to correct misalignment

Your smile is often the first thing people notice when they first meet you. But having crooked, gappy, or overcrowded teeth means you may find yourself hiding your smile away from the world. If you have negative feelings about the position of your teeth, we can change these.

Fixed ceramic braces are an effective way to correct even the most misaligned teeth. This revised take on traditional braces is a more subtle alternative. You get straight teeth without wearing noticeable metalwork.

Braces use a small amount of force against your teeth. Over time, your new smile is formed. When you see the change, you’ll be amazed.


How Ceramic Braces Work

The idea behind braces has existed for centuries. By applying prolonged gentle pressure to your teeth, they’ll gradually move. Through careful planning, our skilled dentists can make these tooth movements by fitting a fixed ceramic brace.

Braces consist of a series of small brackets fixed directly to each tooth on an arch. A wire is then fed through the brackets. Once it’s held firmly in place, the force from the wire will slowly move your teeth.

During treatment, we’ll adjust the wire. This fine-tuning takes your teeth closer to their new straighter position. Exact treatment times vary depending on the position of your teeth.

The Benefits of Ceramic Braces


A Smile You’ll Love

If you have a misaligned smile, feelings of insecurity often follow. Where confidence is an issue, the results of your treatment will help you smile with ease. For many, straighter teeth improve self-esteem.


Ideal for All Cases

The size of your jaw affects the position of your teeth. Some people have small jaws and crowded teeth. The lack of space might cause teeth to turn. On the other hand, a large jaw might make gaps appear between your teeth. Ceramic braces can fix all of these problems.

The way your teeth align when you bite can also cause jaw and neck pain. We can also address these issues with braces.


Reliable Results

Fixed braces have been a mainstay of orthodontics for a long time. Although the science remains the same, the process has been refined. Advances in technology and improvements in design make ceramic braces very efficient at straightening teeth.

Discretion Guaranteed

One of the concerns patients most commonly have about teeth straightening is that the process involves wearing obvious braces.

Our tooth-coloured ceramic braces are subtle. Unlike traditional metal braces, they’re barely noticeable.

Oral Health Boost

Problems with the position of your teeth often lead to tooth decay. Brushing and flossing may be challenging, and bacteria will take up residence in the areas you can’t clean.

Moving your teeth to a better position makes cleaning easier. Not only will your new smile look great, but it’ll also be healthier too.

The Route to Your
New Smile

Ceramic braces follow a simple process. From your initial assessment and fitting to unveiling the end results, our skilled dental team will support you on your journey.


Your Assessment

Before we start, we’ll assess your teeth to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for ceramic braces. We’ll do this by taking scans of your teeth and asking a few general questions about your health and lifestyle.


Fitting Your Braces

The process for fitting your new brace is straightforward. We’ll start by fixing subtle brackets to each tooth. Next, we’ll feed the wire through the brackets and fit it in place.

Our team will talk you through the best way to keep your teeth and braces clean.

Minor Adjustments

Throughout your treatment, we’ll make small adjustments to the tension of the brace. This helps us perfect the position of your teeth and create the best smile possible.


The Big Reveal

During treatment, you might notice only some of the full effects of your treatment. But after we take your brace off, you might be surprised how good your new smile looks.

All that remains is for you to show the results to the world.


Ceramic Braces at Galgorm Dental

If you’re unhappy with the position of your teeth, ceramic braces can help. This subtle treatment for straightening teeth is reliable, even in the most complex case.

Call our friendly team today and schedule your appointment.